HTC With New Sound & Camera Experience

13 Mar

HTC’s escalating financial woes has not stop them from continuing its push to be back in the reckoning among smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung. One of the ways it is attempting to reverse its decline is via a rumoured new imaging sensor for its upcoming M7 flagship phone. This rumour looks to be a little more plausible, with a new photography infographic on HTC’s official blog. For the most part, the infographic is very…informative, but some credibility was lost right at the point where it mentions HTC in a rather skewed manner. For example, the 2006 entry stated that pixel count for camera phones begin increasing rapidly, but does not improve picture quality. However, the very next entry mentions that HTC’s Droid Incredible becomes Verizon’s first 8MP camera phone, directly contradicting its previous entry. It even takes aim at the iPhone 4S’ small camera sensor despite it being one of the best around at the time. Interestingly, the infographic manages to source a review for the Nokia 808 PureView – agreed by many to the best camera sensor around – that suggests it is nothing more than “escalating the megapixel wars”. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to note how HTC teases its readers with a final entry, marked “2013″, that promises a new “sound and camera experience”. HTC has long forged a partnership with Beats Audio, but that has more to do with HTC’s smartphone’s audio playback capabilities, instead of audio recording…which some reviews have found to be rather sub-par. Given the timing of the infographic’s posting and the expected date for the launch of the M7 – shown off by excited HTC chairman Peter Chou at the company’s year-end party – HTC may be hinting that its upcoming flagship would address this and simultaneously improve its already respectable camera quality. If true, HTC may well have something special in its hands.

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Posted by on March 13, 2013 in Mobile Phone


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