RSS Out Of Preview

13 Mar

With around six months after its debut last July, Microsoft has decided that is now ready for the market in its full capacity as the Redmond giant has officially take out the service out of its preview form. However, this development directly affected the company’s other email service – Hotmail – as all existing Hotmail users will be moved to permanently. As expected, Microsoft promises that the move will be seamless and it is expected to be completed by summer of this year although users are able to do the upgrade themselves just by logging in to The company also stated that everything from users’ Hotmail account including address, contacts, password, messages, contacts, folders and many more will still be intact once they moved to Well, it seems like this is pretty much the end of Hotmail as we know it after 16 years in the business. Then again, 60 million people (according to Microsoft) have already adopted since its debut which definitely counts for something.

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Posted by on March 13, 2013 in App


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