Samsung Galaxy Camera

13 Mar

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is finally official, what else exciting things did the company announce at IFA earlier today? A spanking new Galaxy Camera – the EK GC100 that runs on Android. So Nikon may have beat Samsung to an Android camera, but what makes this Galaxy Camera more interesting compared to the Nikon one is that instead of the boring old Android Gingerbread OS, or even Android ICS, the Galaxy Camera is powered by the latest and greatest Android Jelly Bean and it’s equipped with a huge 4.8” touch display at the back. I’m not sure about the picture quality and the whole shooting experience for photographers, but the Galaxy Camera looks really good especially with its humongous display taking up the entire space at the back. The display isn’t just your typical LCD found on most cameras, it’s similar to ones found on smartphones like the original Galaxy Note with a 1280 x 720 pixel (308 ppi) touch display. While the display may dominate the entire back of the camera, there are still some physical buttons like a flash release, power button, and more importantly, a zoom and shutter release button. Function wise, for noobs like myself, there’s an Auto mode that does everything, and for those who knows what they’re doing, you can go manual and adjust your own settings from the ISO to the shutter speed as well as aperture. There’s also a Smart Pro Mode that allows you to select from 10 different scenarios such as Waterfall Trace and Night Trace options for you to do all that fancy slow shutter speed things for a cool effect. As for the hardware, it uses a standard ½.33” BSI CMOS sensor with 16MP snaps. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi on board, and in case you were wondering, yes it does support micro-SIM for 3G connectivity so you can always share pictures on the go. It’s equipped with 1,650 mAh battery and the storage is expandable via microSD card.

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Posted by on March 13, 2013 in Gadjet


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