Sony Introduces its new Bravia TV Lineup

03 May

Sony today introduced its new 2013 lineup of TVs that features Triluminos Display LED backlighting, Wi-Fi, as well as NFC-connectivity that enables One-Touch mirroring. We had our eyes on the top of the line W954A earlier today, which shows off its Triluminos Display LED backlighting that not only reproduces rich and authentic color with subtle tones, it can also replicate bold colors like the hard-to-reproduce reds, blues and greens. A vividly colored video was played in order to demonstrate the amount of depth it is able to display, and its ability to churn out images that are as close to reality as possible. The new Internet Bravia TVs include the W904A, W954A, W804A, W704A and W674A. On top of being equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, they all run on the company’s very own X-Reality PRO picture processor that can display unprecedented detail and astonishing color regardless of the content source, including content from mobile connections. These TVs also employ Motionflow XR for the best experience when viewing fast action television programming and gaming. During the demo session, Sony also showed how you can easily mirror the content of your NFC-enabled smartphone to the TV with a single touch. With the NFC remote, simply touch both NFC together and the display of the Xperia Z was immediately mirrored onto the TV. Also present during the demonstration session were several NFC-enabled entertainment equipment from Sony like the Home Theater (BDV-N9100), Blu-ray Home Theater BDV-E3100, and two other NFC speakers that supports One-Touch entertainment.

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Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Gadjet


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