U Mobile Announces U Card Loyalty Card

02 Aug

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a prepaid or a postpaid user, U Mobile is now rewarding you for every ringgit you spend. Earlier today, U Mobile together with BLoyalty Sdn. Bhd. announced their partnership to launch the U Card – it’s like a BCard, except that you can use it with your U Mobile account, receive points, and redeem them for U Mobile products and bill payment. Available immediately for free, all you need to do is walk into any U Mobile service centers to get your U Card. After that, you can register your U Card at U Mobile’s website along with your U Mobile number(s) and start earning points straight away. If you’re not an existing customer, all postpaid customers will get the U Card upon signing up and all new prepaid packs will come with a U Card in the packaging (make sure it’s the new one and not the old U Mobile prepaid packs). But wait, the U Card from U Mobile offers you more than just points for all your U Mobile usage, it’s a partnership with BLoyalty Sdn. Bhd.’s BCard reward program so you can also collect points from over 70 Bcard merchant partners and redeem rewards and benefits in over 700 retail outlets nationwide namely Starbucks, Chatime, Wendy’s, Berjaya Hotel & Resort, RadioShack and many, many more. In celebration with the launch of the U Card, U Mobile is offering the first 50,000 customers who sign up for the reward program a free 200 U Card reward points that ends in October 2013. These lucky customers will also stand a chance to win more exciting prizes such as 1,000,000 U Card points, 10 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones and 10 3D/2N holiday packages at Berjaya Langkawi Resprt. The promotion ends in December 2013. Collect points for every ringgit you spend with U Mobile be it to pay your postpaid bill or to reload your number.

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