Dropbox Went Down Last Weekend

09 Feb

Last weekend must’ve been a terrifying one for Dropbox and all of its users, early Saturday morning, Dropbox service went offline and several hacker groups started to claim that that they have compromised the cloud storage service and even posted leaked user information for the world to see. Shortly before Dropbox went offline, hacker group The 1775 Sec (@1775Sec) posted on Twitter that they have just compromised the cloud storage website. Anonymous Korea (@AnonOpsKorea) later also made a similar claim on Twitter while @1775Sec later followed up by posting that they have successfully stolen a list of email addresses from Dropbox and have posted them to the website Fortunately, according to Dropbox, the “leaked user information” is just a hoax and the list has been published in since late last year and no, it has nothing to do with Dropbox. The whole drama is already over now of course, Dropbox was fixed and went back up in about three hours but while @1775Sec is still insisting that the entire situation is a deliberate hoax and they only launched a DDoS attack on Dropbox, the cloud storage service is insisting that none of these ever happened, the website only went down because of a routine server upgrade and that no hacking or DDOS attack was involved. According to the latest blog post by Dropbox, all the files stored are safe and no user information was compromised. For more information about the whole Dropbox drama over the weekend, check out the official Outage Postmortem by Dropbox.

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Posted by on February 9, 2014 in Info ICT, Security


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