Lenovo Vibe X & Camera Samples

09 Feb

Lenovo’s first model in the new Vibe series, the Vibe X, is now available in Malaysia. Retailing at RM1299, it is one of the most affordable 5-inch Full HD Android smartphones you can find. In addition, the introduction of two high MP count cameras (13MP at the rear, 5MP wide-angle front-facing module) makes this an interesting proposition for selfie lovers. At the launch event held earlier today, we were able to spend some time with the new Vibe X. Check out our first impressions after the jump. The very first thing that will strike you when holding the new Vibe X is the weight. At 121g, the Vibe X is astonishingly light; I felt a similar sensation when I first held the iPhone 5S. But having a smartphone this light isn’t always a good thing: while the metal-clad iPhone 5s felt super premium, the polycarbonate Vibe X felt a little bit like a toy. But the light weight definitely helps when you snap a selfie, especially at angles where you extend your arm as far back to fit in as many people in the frame as possible. Lenovo also proudly adds that the back cover of the device features a “laser-engraved fabric-feel surface” that is slightly reminiscent of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3′s “pleather” back cover. It may not look like much, but the added friction it provides does improve grip, while the matte surface ensures there will not be any ugly fingerprints left after use. The new Vibe X also sports an Android skin Lenovo calls Smart UI. First seen on the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, Smart UI removes the Android app drawer completely, and all apps are arranged on the many home screens, a la iOS. Smart UI also introduces various gesture controls, such as shaking the phone from side to side to lock it, and pressing any physical button when the device is lock will wake the phone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to really test out the Mediatek quad-core processor during my brief time with the smartphone, but for everyday tasks and using non-intensive apps, the 1.5GHz Cortex A7 chipset should suffice. What more people would be interested in, of course, would be the 5MP front-facing camera. Lenovo is aiming for the selfie crowd here, and adds that the an automatic face enhancement software is pre-loaded into the Vibe X. It is interesting to note that the software isn’t very aggressive when group pictures are taken, but works as any other “Glaymour Retouch” app when selfies are shot. By introducing a large wide angle front-facing camera sensor, Lenovo is making an attempt to differentiate itself from the other “budget-oriented” Android manufacturers. Judging by the amount of bloggers at the event who literally lined up to try out the front-facing camera, it looks like Lenovo may be on to something with its new Vibe X. And, it easily makes us more excited with the upcoming flagship, the Vibe Z.

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Posted by on February 9, 2014 in Mobile Phone


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