Luxury Limo Service Uber Debuts In KL

09 Feb

There are those days where the last thing we want to do is drive, with the jams and the rain and whatnot, KL is not exactly the most automobile friendly cities in the world. Introducing UBER, a limousine service that made its name in the US and cities like Singapore and Tokyo. UBER aims to set itself up as a premiere limousine service, working with existing limo companies that provide chauffeur services to some of the top hotels and executives and wants to be “Everyone’s Private Driver”. With a fleet of Toyota Camry’s, Honda Accord’s and even Mercedes E Class and BMW 7 Series, UBER says they are not a Taxi app, rather a lead generation app that connects users to existing limo companies in KL. With a base rate of RM7 + RM0.30 per minute or RM2 per KM with a RM13 minimum fare, this isn’t the cheapest of all solutions especially when a ride from KLCC to Bangsar will cost roughly RM29 and KL TO KLIA will be a flat rate of RM300. UBER’s companion app allows you to see where the drivers are in relation to your pickup point as well as the estimated arrival time, drivers name, numberplate and picture and car they are driving. At the end of the ride when your credit card is charged, you will be given a chance to rate your driver and have your driver rate you (for some strange reason of accountability). To be absolutely frank, Uber has a steep challenge ahead, especially in KL where there are more cars on the road and in our homes than other asian cities. I see this priced a little higher than comfortable for the everyman and for the people who they are targeting, they would have their own personal drivers anyway. I suppose UBER would be a good solution to those medium length journeys where you want to bring your GF on a date but refuse to drive to KL, but since more cars are being added constantly and UBER is still new in KL, only time will tell. Sign up via the UBER app for Android and iOS!

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Posted by on February 9, 2014 in App


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