Turn off Location for FB Messenger

09 Feb

I know this is nothing new, Facebook has been known to share user’s location information whether you want it to or not but did you know that Facebook Messenger shares your precise location, on a map, and it can even easily provide users with the direction to your location ? You know how when you are setting up your new phone, or granting permissions to an app you just installed, you tend to turn everything on and say yes to all the requests, particularly to popular apps that you can trust such as Facebook ? Well, when you first installed opened Facebook, you said yes to sharing your location because sometimes you would like to check into places, and letting people know you are posting that status in Kuala Lumpur doesn’t hurt right ? Wrong. Hit the break to find out how and why you should turn off location service for your Facebook / Facebook Messenger app, especially if you have a not-so-tech-savvy friend, spouse and even parents. Once you turn on location sharing on Facebook, it will share your location in your Facebook chat messages as well, and not just a rough estimation of your location like above (Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, or Singapore) but your precise location down to the street you are on like this message of mine sent from the office. Sure, when you first check your Facebook Message, it will ask if you would like to share your location in that chat message, but let’s face it, we tend to ignore these messages and even if you turn it off for that particular chat, it will still be turned on by default for other chat messages, even with stranger, and how many of you actually pay attention to that GPS logo in the chat box to see whether it’s turned on or off ? I do actually, but usually only after I send that first message but it’s already too late, my location for that particular message has been sent and will stay in the chat history for everyone involved in that chat, forever. And even if you turn your location off for a particular person, your location will be on by default for everyone else. You can turn it off for person A in Facebook Messenger within your Facebook app but when you install the dedicated Facebook Messenger app, it will be turned on by default again. Annoying ? Of course it is, I just realized that I have been sharing my location with people I don’t even know, because Facebook has made it so easy for people to message your inbox simply by paying. So, before you start making the same mistake as me, anymore, here’s how to have that annoying feature turned off by default.

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Posted by on February 9, 2014 in Info ICT, Security


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