LG’s New Knock Code Feature

02 Mar

LG’s latest smartphones will come with a new feature called Knock Code. It is an evolution of the company’s Knock On feature that made its debut in the LG G2 last year. Combining convenience and security is quite a challenge when it comes to locking and unlocking your smartphone, but LG may have achieved it with Knock Code. Here’s how to set up Knock Code. To start, select Knock Code as your screen lock of choice. The new Knock Code feature is present on all of LG’s latest devices showcased here at MWC 2014, namely the G Flex, G Pro 2 and the G2 Mini. We’re also told that an upcoming update for the LG G2 will also bring this functionality to the company’s 2013 flagship. As explained in the demo above, Knock Code is an evolution from Knock On, where the phone can be woken with a double tap of the screen. If you’ve got a security PIN code set up, you’ll still need to enter your PIN code before the device is unlocked. It is a tedious process, but one which many face simply in the name of increased security. With Knock Code, users simply tap the screen in a pre-set combination and the phone will completely bypass the lockscreen and straight to the home screen. The on-screen guide will then help you set up your own unique Knock Code. What’s very good about Knock Code is in its flexibility of input: the software recognizes the tap – or Knock, as LG puts it – combination set by the user, and that combination can be input anywhere on the screen at any ratio, so the phone will still unlock even if you tap the combination on one small corner of the screen. Evidently, this feature vastly reduces the time it takes to unlock a phone, but LG also states that Knock Code is also more secure than the standard 4-digit PIN codes found in smartphones today. Given that the tap combination can range anywhere from two to eight taps, LG states that there are over 84,000 possible combinations that can be achieved with Knock Code, compared to only about 10,000 on a standard PIN code. In addition, Knock Code further enhances the Knock On feature from previously, where a double tap anywhere on the home screens will automatically lock the phone. This again makes the process of locking your smartphone much faster and more convenient, regardless whether all your physical buttons are located at the back of the device. As someone who secures his smartphone with a PIN code, I can really appreciate this feature on my smartphone. Various researches has pegged that smartphone users unlock their phones anywhere between 110 to 200 times a day, and I can imagine how much easier and convenient having Knock Code around would be to speed things up.

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Posted by on March 2, 2014 in App, Security


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