Celcom Introduces Customer Loyalty Program

17 May

Celcom has announced a new loyalty program for its pre- and postpaid customers that promises to reward them with instant rewards and add more value for their money. What separates Celcom’s new customer loyalty program from conventional loyalty programs is in the model itself: there are no points collections involved. Instead, Celcom borrows heavily from the achievement-based perks found in many popular games today. The new customer loyalty program, dubbed Club Celcom First (for Celcom First postpaid customers), XClub (for Xpax prepaid customers) and FRENZ Club (for foreign customers) is the first such model to be used in Malaysia. Employing mechanisms popular with most mainstream games today, the program offers real-time perks to reward activities that consumers already do, such as making calls, or using mobile data. Celcom is especially proud to note that this loyalty program is vastly different from conventional loyalty programs, which mostly involve earning points which can then be redeemed for cashbacks and rebates, exclusive discounts and even gift redemptions. Based on Celcom’s internal market research, the company found that what customers want most from loyalty programs is to reward them with things that they already use – in this case, call minutes, SMS and Internet data. And that’s exactly what the “gamification” model of Celcom’s new loyalty program is offering. Celcom claims that this model will reward customers with various spending habits, regardless of whether they spend RM30 or RM1000 a month. Rewards are offered based on “achievements” – which can be as simple as making an IDD call to using a set amount of data per day – and are given out to customers in real time. Most gamers will see parallels between this instant rewards incentive with the words “Achievement Unlocked”, making this gamification program a highly compelling model from Celcom. At the end of each calendar year, all achievements and tiers will be reset, allowing Celcom to tweak the program to better serve its customers. For Celcom, the data collected from the loyalty program will allow Celcom to gain invaluable insights based on almost real-time data, ultimately leading to improved customer relationship management, deliver enhanced services to customers and more importantly, deliver personalised offers that match each unique customer’s interests. Although it officially launches today, Celcom’s loyalty program for prepaid customers, XClub, has been available since January of this year. Club Celcom First and FRENZ Club are both available to opt-in beginning today. Users can opt-in to the program by simply typing “YES” and sending to 22188. Upon successful opt-in, customers will receive a welcome message from Celcom and will be a club member for one year from the opt-in date. Club members will also be able to check their current and upcoming rewards easily both on the web and via mobile USSD codes. To find out more, head on to and respectively.

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Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Info ICT


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