Samsung Announces New Series for Audio

01 Jun

It looks like Samsung has got more to show off in Singapore than the Galaxy K zoom announced earlier this morning, the South Korean company also announced “Level”, a new series of premium audio products. Built on the company’s industry-leading mobile products, the Level series is touted to be the best audio accessory for your smartphone and tablet, built with organic sound quality, superior comfort, portability and style. “Samsung understands the importance of music and audio in the lives of our consumers. With the Level series, we have crafted an incredible line of audio products designed for the mobile users with organic sound, premium design aesthetics, and optimized mobile audio controls.” – Mr. JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. Level Over, a flagship over-ear headphone featuring superior HD organic sound, a comfortable ergonomic design, touch controls and wireless Bluetooth pairing. It features a 50mm Dynamic Driver made with high performance Neodymium, which is 30% stronger than regular magnets, allowing users to enjoy deeper and more natural sound. In addition to that, a free edge structure made from Bio Cellulose prevents resonance between the vibration plate and the frame, avoiding unnecessary booming and providing sound as close to the original thing as possible. Level Over also uses a hybrid type active noise cancellation, both on the headphone inside and with a mic on the outside that blocks out noise, allowing users to enjoy perfectly crystal clear music. Level On, which combines a compact style with superior comfort and a sound system to offer an immersive and on-the-go premium sound experience. It is designed to provide a full range of natural and clear sound, flexibility dampening the air flow with 40mm dual layered diaphragm. Level In provides an immersive sonic environment for any activity with a powerful three-way speaker, letting users enjoy rich sounds that cover all the low, mid and high sound naturally, and with clear sound separation. Level Box, a premium and compact Bluetooth speaker that features a solid metal design complete with a full metal grille. With a large 56mm stereo speaker and a passive radiator, the system is optimized to deliver high quality sound that is powerful, crisp and balanced. The dedicated hardware design provides noise reduction and echo cancellation, and built-in microphone deliver clear voice, making it ideal for phone calls and conference calls. The Level Box is also equipped with NFC, allowing users to easily connect to their smartphone with just a touch. Other features includes built-in buttons that allow users to play or stop a song, adjust the volume and even accept or reject calls, and15 hours of continuous playback through the Level Box’s rechargeable battery. Samsung Level series will be available for purchase in mid-May in most markets around the world.

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