Astro – 2014 FIFA World Cup Coverage

02 Jun

So, by now you should know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup season pass on Astro is priced at RM 100. Of course, that’s unless you already subscribed to Astro’s Sports Pack before 30 April or Super Pack before 31 May – then you will have access for the tournament as part of your subscription without extra charges. Astro apparently has also working on plenty of additional elements to add more value to the viewing experience of its World Cup coverage. In another words, Astro’s 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage is not just about those 64 live football matches from the tournament even though they are still the main attraction. Majority of these said elements come in the form of smartphone apps. One of them is the Ola Bola Football Predictor app which allows users make predictions during live on-going matches. These predictions are presented as questions that related to in-game events with multiple-choice answers and points are given for correct prediction. Available for Android and iOS starting from 19 May, users are also able to challenge their friends, share their results, and obtain achievements in the app. Not to forget, users are also able to win prizes by accumulating points in the app although Astro didn’t specify the actual prizes. Apart from the Ola Bola Football predictor, the company will also provide World Cup-related contents to Astro GO Read and Astro GO Listen apps. The official website of Stadium Astro will be also be part of the company’s World Cup extravaganza as users can expect to see plenty of World Cup contents on it which will also include World Cup themed radio stations and podcasts. The site will also be the host for Stadium Astro Fantasy Ola Bola Edition fantasy league throughout the World Cup. Just like the usual fantasy football league, users get to create their dream football team based on the real-life statistics from the competition. There are also prizes to be won; apparently up to RM 5000 worth of cash prize alongside a PlayStation 4 and FIFA 14 game. Rounding up the multi-platform 2014 FIFA World Cup fiesta on Astro is its mobile streaming platform, the Astro On The Go app. As mentioned previously, all 64 matches from the tournament will be shown live through the app. Interestingly, the company will also be allowing non-Astro customers (only for Malaysians though) to catch 30 out of these 64 live matches for free on the app. Non-Astro customers will also have the option to purchase the RM 100 Football Pass to watch all the 64 live matches or they can also choose the Pay Per View route at RM 6 per individual matches although only selected matches will be available through PPV option. However, there is also a special, separate version of Astro On The Go app – called Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup – which will be made available only during the World Cup period. Accessible only for Astro Football pass customers, this mobile app provides 6 live multi-angle feed during all of the 64 World Cup matches as well as Timeline and Event Markers for instant replay alongside access to more than 4,000 on-demand video clips. There you have it: plenty of ways to be part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup fever on Astro with some of them are also accessible by non-Astro customers. For clarifications, check out or interact directly with Astro at and 1-300-82-3838.

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