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Unlimited Data Roaming

So you’ll be going away to another country for just a couple of days. It’s way too short and too troublesome to buy a local SIM pack at the country just to go online. For convenience’s sake, you wish to stick to your Malaysian line. So which telco offers the best international roaming rates in its postpaid plans? We gather all the unlimited data roaming rates here so you know which local telco to select in the place(s) you travel to, and which Malaysian telco should you roam with in order to enjoy the best data roaming rates. Maxis seems to offer the widest data roaming in over 100 countries at just RM38/day. 44 countries have been added in recently, but they will only take effect starting 21 April 2014. Maxis’ unlimited data roaming is based on local time of the country you are in from 12am until 11:59pm. Celcom also charges the same unlimited data roaming rate of RM38 a day, but is only offering the price across 58 countries as shown above. Celcom’s rates is based on Malaysian time zone from 12am until 11:59pm. As for things over at DiGi, the telco is offering unlimited data roaming rates from as low as RM32/day but be careful which country you travel to, because places like Belgium and Austria cost RM56/day for unlimited data roaming. The price is calculated based on the time zone in the country you are in. For example, when roaming in Thailand, the daily usage will be calculated from 12:am to 11:59pm following Thailand’s time zone. Finally, while U Mobile may offer the most affordable data roaming rates at RM30/day, they are only offering the deal to a handful of countries. Nonetheless, the telco has only started their unlimited data roaming offer about half a year ago so I think this is a good start. Like DiGi, U Mobile’s rates is based on the time zone in the country you are in from 12am to 11:59pm. Do note that in order to enjoy these rates, you will need to ensure that you are connected to the partner telco from the respective country. For example if you are a Celcom user travelling to Australia, make sure you connect to Vodafone in order to enjoy a data roaming rate of RM38/day. You will have to manually connect to the respective telco otherwise you will be charged at a pay-as-you-use rates – that’s how people end up racking thousands of Ringgit in roaming charges once they land in Malaysia. No registration is required, just connect to the right telco and surf away, but just be mindful of the time zone you are in and which time zone the telco follows.

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Prepaid Telco in Malaysia with 4G LTE

Chinese New Year is just a day away and if you have to leave the comfort of your precious speedy internet at home to travel back to your hometown, you can still enjoy fast internet on LTE network offered by various telcos in Malaysia. If you do not already have a LTE-enabled line and wish to get one, you don’t have to sign up for an expensive postpaid plan, several telcos are already offering LTE on their prepaid services and if you wish to get one for this Chinese New Year, here are the most popular ones you should consider. To date, the major telcos in Malaysia who are offering LTE for prepaid mobile number are U Mobile, Maxis Hotlink and Celcom Xpax. You can easily get connected simply by buying a new prepaid pack from your local convenience store so hit the break to find out the details. Launched just last month, hopping onto the LTE network with U Mobile is as simple as sending an SMS. If you’re not already on U Mobile, just purchase a starter pack for RM8, top up, sign up for a Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) plan, send an SMS and you’re good to go. U Mobile provides LTE for any prepaid subscribers who have subscribed to its UMI38 or UMI48 prepaid plan.

To enjoy LTE, all you need to do is send “LTE ON” to 28118. You’ll be charged at RM0.05/SMS and it’s only available if you sign up for UMI38 or UMI48. More information available at U Mobile. Announced just weeks ago, Maxis is finally offering LTE with its prepaid service, Hotlink and in conjunction with the launch, the telco is even giving away 50% extra data with a monthly internet pass. To get 4G LTE on Hotlink, all you need to do is get a new Hotlink SIM card if you do not already have one, and change your SIM card to a 4G SIM for free. After that, just top up either 1GB o 3GB of internet and you will be able to enjoy 10x faster internet and up till 28 February 2014, you can also get 50% more data. To subscribe, dial *100*9# on your mobile and choose “1” under Mobile Internet. Choose “5” for Mobile Internet 1GB + 500MB extra data or “6” for Mobile Internet 3GB + 1.5GB extra data. Hotlink is also having a Chinese New Year promotion for you to win LTE-enabled smartphones and more so visit Hotlink for more information. Hands up if you have no idea that Celcom also offers 4G LTE on its prepaid services ?

We only discovered this a couple of days ago that, sorry for being slow, Celcom has quietly rolled out LTE on Xpax since December last year. Like Hotlink, all you need to do is replace your new Xpax SIM card with USIM at any selected Blue Cube outlets and you will automatically be on the LTE network. You can then subscribe to a Mobile Internet plan to start browsing immediately. To subscribe to mobile internet on Celcom Xpax, send “MI38″ to 28882. Visit Xpax for more information. The price for all 3 telcos are pretty good but remember, your primary concern when picking a prepaid pack, especially when you want it for its LTE, should definitely be based on the coverage. U Mobile has the smallest coverage area but that’s only because the telco just launched their LTE services about a month ago. Celcom and Maxis should have pretty good coverage around Malaysia including East Malaysia. Check out U Mobile, Celcom and Maxis’ coverage page to see if your area is covered. Finally, if you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, do remember to be polite and put down your phones when you’re at family gatherings, greet people when you meet them, say “thank you” when you receive red packets and please, no phones when you’re at the dining table.

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U Mobile Unveils New Postpaid Plans

It looks like U Mobile is having a very healthy start for the year 2014, on top of new prepaid offerings unveiled about a week ago including a New U Prepaid Plan with free internet and an enhanced UMI plans, the telco also has got something new for postpaid users – new Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 that are equipped with Internet and Call Sharing services. As of 17 January 2014, that’s tomorrow, U Mobile will be replacing its existing U58 and U88 postpaid plans with these new options while still retaining the U28 postpaid plan. Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 costs RM50 and RM80 a month respectively, and comes bundled with free high-speed data (4G LTE available), free calls and free SMS as well, with more affordable call rates compared to the old plans. The new Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 comes with Internet Sharing feature that allow users to share the same plan with up to three devices (including the principal line) at RM10/SIM. Each additional SIM card will have their individual number that can be used as a 2nd line or act as a Family line. So what’s new with these postpaid plans compared to the old ones? Hit the break for a comparison, and find out how you can stand a chance to win a pair of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a luxurious holiday stay and more. In conjunction with the new plans and the upcoming Chinese New Year and Valentines Day celebration, U Mobile also has some special promotion for its U Card members with freebies and more. First up, U Mobile has launched the ‘8 for ’28 Spring Festival promo where U Card members can enjoy free mobile devices, vouchers, U Card points and many other freebies with the 8 participating merchants. The promo will last for 28 days starting 18 January 2014. In addition to that, U Mobile subscribers can also celebrate this Valentines Day  with their U Card by participating in a mobile game app to stand a chance to win a pair of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, romantic dinner treats and luxurious hotel stays under the “U’ Are my Valentine” initiative. The details for these events have not been unveiled yet so stay tuned as we keep you updated. Meanwhile, if you are a U Mobile subscriber and haven’t already gotten your U Card, you may do so now at U Mobile for free lifetime membership.

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Celcom Menawarkan Langganan Baru iPhone

Dengan dua telefon pintar iPhone terbaru yang mula dijual di pasaran Malaysia, kini pihak Celcom turut sama tidak ingin ketinggalan untuk menawarkannya, dimana pengguna boleh mendapatkan iPhone 5S dan juga iPhone 5C melalui pakej dan pelan khas untuknya. Pihak Celcom menawarkan empat pilihan pelan yang hadir dengan komitmen bulanan bermula serendah RM98 hingga RM238, membolehkan pengguna membuat pilihan berdasarkan penggunaan tempoh panggilan dan SMS yang diperlukan. Untuk iPhone 5S, pihak Celcom menawarkan ia pada harga serendah RM1638 (Dengan langganan RM238 sebulan selama 24 bulan). Pengguna juga disediakan dengan pilihan lain, termasuk memilih sama ada ingin melanggan selama 12 bulan atau 24 bulan. iPhone 5S merupakan telefon pintar terbaru daripada Apple, dilengkapi dengan cip A7 yang membawakan skrin bersaiz 4-inci dengan paparan Retina, kamera belakang 8-megapixel iSight dan True Tone Flash, serta hadir dengan pengimbas cap jari Touch ID. Telefon pintar ini juga turut menyertakan akses internet pantas melalui rangkaian LTE yang disediakan Celcom. Untuk iPhone 5C pula, pihak Celcom menawarkan ia pada harga serendah RM1308 (Dengan langganan RM238 sebulan selama 24 bulan). iPhone 5C merupakan telefon pintar dengan pilihan pelbagai warna, dan hadir dengan cip pemprosesan Apple A6, paparan 4-inci Retina, dan kamera belakang 8-megapixel iSight. Peranti ini juga turut dilengkapi dengan sokongan rangkaian LTE daripada Celcom. Bagi mendapatkan lebih info berkenaan langganan yang disediakan oleh pihak Celcom, boleh ke halaman rasmi mereka, ataupun ke BlueCube terdekat untuk melihat dan mendapatkan maklumat lanjut berkenaan iPhone 5S dan juga iPhone 5C daripada Celcom.

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U Mobile Announces U Card Loyalty Card

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a prepaid or a postpaid user, U Mobile is now rewarding you for every ringgit you spend. Earlier today, U Mobile together with BLoyalty Sdn. Bhd. announced their partnership to launch the U Card – it’s like a BCard, except that you can use it with your U Mobile account, receive points, and redeem them for U Mobile products and bill payment. Available immediately for free, all you need to do is walk into any U Mobile service centers to get your U Card. After that, you can register your U Card at U Mobile’s website along with your U Mobile number(s) and start earning points straight away. If you’re not an existing customer, all postpaid customers will get the U Card upon signing up and all new prepaid packs will come with a U Card in the packaging (make sure it’s the new one and not the old U Mobile prepaid packs). But wait, the U Card from U Mobile offers you more than just points for all your U Mobile usage, it’s a partnership with BLoyalty Sdn. Bhd.’s BCard reward program so you can also collect points from over 70 Bcard merchant partners and redeem rewards and benefits in over 700 retail outlets nationwide namely Starbucks, Chatime, Wendy’s, Berjaya Hotel & Resort, RadioShack and many, many more. In celebration with the launch of the U Card, U Mobile is offering the first 50,000 customers who sign up for the reward program a free 200 U Card reward points that ends in October 2013. These lucky customers will also stand a chance to win more exciting prizes such as 1,000,000 U Card points, 10 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones and 10 3D/2N holiday packages at Berjaya Langkawi Resprt. The promotion ends in December 2013. Collect points for every ringgit you spend with U Mobile be it to pay your postpaid bill or to reload your number.

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DiGi : Nokia N9 Percuma Dengan Kontrak 12 Bulan

Nokia N9 boleh dikatakan salah satu peranti yang agak unik, menggunakan sistem operasi MeeGo Harmattan. Walaupun sistem operasinya menerima reaksi positifi daripada pengguna, namun Nokia tidak menyokongnya secara penuh, maka peranti tersebut tidak mendapat perhatian ramai. Peranti ini telah dilancarkan pada tahun lepas, dimana dijual pada harga RM1799 ketika itu. Namun, kini dengan masa yang telah berlalu, peranti tersebut ditawarkan secara percuma oleh DiGi melalui pelan DG Smart Plan 68, dengan komitmen selama 12 bulan. Sekiranya mengikut kiraan, maka pengguna akan membayar harga sebanyak RM816 selama 12 bulan langganan internet sebanyak 5GB, dan menerima peranti tersebut secara percuma. Buat masa ini, ia masih tidak diketahui adakah Jolla akan mengeluarkan Sailfish mereka untuk N9 ataupun sebaliknya. Namun, bagi mereka yang gemar mengodek peranti mereka, boleh mendapatkan Nokia N9 ini dan memasang Android, FirefoxOS ataupun sistem operasi lain padanya.

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Tawaran Jalur-Lebar Tanpa Wayar Maxis

Setelah mengemaskini pakej jalur-lebar berkelajuan tinggi mereka sebelum ini, kini, Maxis turut sama memperkenalkan perubahan pada pakej dan pelan langganan Maxis Wireless Broadband, menawarkan harga serendah RM48 untuk penggunaan sebanyak 3GB data sebulan. Maxis menawarkan penggunaan kuota berbeza, iaitu untuk waktu puncak dan juga waktu malam. Untuk pakej permulaan, iaitu untuk RM48 dan juga RM68, masing-masing menawarkan penggunaan kuota yang sama untuk kedua-dua waktu, membawakan jumlah penggunaan sehingga 3GB dan juga 8GB. Namun, sekiranya anda aktif menggunakan internet pada waktu malam, Maxis menyediakan pakej untuk 20GB (5GB + 15GB) pada harga RM88, sehingga ke 48GB (12GB + 36GB) pada harga RM158. Dan bagaimanakah pula sekiranya anda melangkaui had penggunaan data ? Maxis mengatakan dimana untuk pakej permulaan (RM48 dan RM68), had laju internet akan dikurangkan menjadi 64kbps, manakala untuk pakej lain ia akan berubah menjadi 128 kbps. Halaman rasmi pakej Maxis Wireless Broadband. Selain daripada pakej Maxis Wireless Broadband yang dikhaskan untuk penggunaan individu, Maxis turut sama mengemaskini tawaran Maxis Wireless Home Internet mereka, dimana lebih kepada perkongsian talian internet dalam seisi rumah. Daripada kemaskini yang ditawarkan, ia didatangkan dengan pakej serendah RM59 dan menawarkan kelajuan hanya sehingga 7.2Mbps sahaja. Dari segi penggunaan kuota, ia masih mengekalkan bentuk yang serupa, yang dipisahkan dalam bentuk waktu puncak dan sebaliknya. Halaman rasmi pakej Maxis Wireless Home Internet.

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